Thinking about the holidays….


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Oh my… I can’t believe I am already thinking about the holidays.  We just rolled out of 100 degree weather here in Portland.  It has cooled off and feeling lovely outside but the holidays?  Really?  I suppose for any small business that creates must think ahead even if they really don’t want to.

So, for the past month, I have been hard at work.. thinking and creating ahead.  Here is a preview of eye pillows that will be listed in the next several weeks on Etsy at


Feedback to create a smile!

So excited to get this feedback from my last customer!  I am in the process of doing a custom order for her and what a relief it is to know that she liked the first eye pillow. Takes so much pressure off!

“I just received the unscented eye pillow BEAUTIFUL : ) I love the fabric (sturdy but soft), well sewn and crafted. The weight of the bag is just perfect! It really feels good on the eyes. Very, very pleasant and relaxing. My other eye pillows are filled with flaxseed and/or rice and I have one with just herbs they’re all good, but I really like the way you’ve weighted the contents of your bag. Are your scented bags weighted the same? If so, I think I’ll order one from your etsy sight that’s scented. Thanks! Your product is just wonderful!”

Christmas in July PDX style

The Portland Etsy team’s Christmas in July Sale is about half way done.  I have been so inspired by watching, looking, following so many delightful shops during this sale.  What a wonderful way to come together.  There has been so much support.

For three birds unite, I am offering a 10% discount throughout the shop.  Just go to  and use coupon code CIJPDX10 to get your discount.  The sale continues through July 22.

Here are even more wonderful items from shops participating in the sale:

Here is the list of all the participants including their coupon codes and discounts:

Auntie M’s Originals
Mad Men Martini Print Ruffled Apron
10% off CIJPDX
BleuOiseau Photography
ship photography, sail boat, sailing, ocean, textures, nursery art
20% off with coupon CIJPDX
 VINTAGE SWAROVSKI RHINESTONE necklace-- choose your color- solid brass chain
30% off with coupon code CIJPDX
You Are A Badass - Textured Chevron Teal, Blue & Yellow Greeting Card - Father's Day, Congratulations, New Job, Graduation, Any Occassion
15% off CIJPDX
Charms and Signs
 Bike Lane Charm in sterling silver
Cool Jane
 You Are Kind Of A Nerd. - Blank Recycled Greeting Card - Just for Fun Greeting Card
25% off, coupon code CIJPDX
Deenie Wallace ~ Fine Art Prints
Mary and Child 8 x 10  Giclee Canvas Print Reproduction by Deenie Wallace
15% off CIJPDX
Designated Dryden
 Pink coral bubble necklace
15% off with CIJPDX
Eye Pop Art
 Cockatoo Teal Clock - Geometric Pastel Home Decor Made From Recycled Vinyl Record
25% off, coupon code CIJPDX
Flying Frog Apparel
 Organic Octopus Onsie
10% Off with coupon code CIJPDX
Gemstone Jewelry Shop
Freshwater Coin Pearl and Sapphire Crystal Necklace Earring Set
20% off, coupon code CIJPDX
 Knitted Dress // Blank Card
10% off CIJPDX
House of Moss
 Felted wool acorn nest with three acorns, for waldorf children or natural home decor
15% off, CIJPDX
Hymo Wear
 Upcycled ecofriendly seahorse "it's much better down here" t-shirt pillow in yellow
20% off CIJPDX
j richards designs
 Blue Caribbean Sea Tribal Heart Pendant
20% off CIJPDX
 Red Coral Pendant - Cylinder Shaped Pendant Hand-knitted from Red Nylon Yarn with Natural Red Coral Chips
20% off CIJPDX
 Original Art. Thomas G. is speechless, but his beard, skinny tie, and glasses look hot.
20% off CIJPDX
Jubilant Art
 Jubilant Art Print on 16 x 20 textured watercolor paper (12 x 16 image) Free Shipping
15% off CIJPDX
Jubilant Glass
 Jubilant Glass Lampwork Dome Pendant     Borosilcate on Sterling Silver    Free Shipping
20% off CIJPDX
LuLu Wraps
 Organic Nora Market Tote and Picnic Blanket, lined option
25% off CIJPDX
 Pink Red Sunglasses Sleeve Case - Unique Glasses Case - Womens Gift - Recycled Patchwork
10% off, coupon code CIJPDX
Moonspiralz Photography
 Bicycle Photo Block on Wood - Bikes of Portland Red - Wall, Shelf, Desk Art
20% off CIJPDX
My Wife’s Studio
 Montana Agate and Copper Handmade Bracelet
10% off CIJPDX
Novel Designs
 Carnelian Gold Wire Wrapped Ear Cuff
15% Off, coupon code CIJPDX

 Sterling Silver Unicorn Belt Buckle
15% off CIJPDX
Prunella Soap
 Handmade Soap - Choose Any 10 Bars of Vegan Cold Process Organic Soap // Bar Soap // Eco Friendly
10% off, coupon code CIJPDX
Puppen Werkstatt
 Soft Cloth Doll "Hannah" with Reversible Dress - Waldorf Inspired Style
10% off CIJPDX
Reverse Chronology
1971 red and cream vintage Mitsubishi pencil sharpener japanese
20% off CIJPDX
Sesame Seed Designs
 Plush Rabbit Sewing Pattern, PDF, Make Family of Four Rabbits, Felt Easter Bunny
20% off, CIJPDX
Silken Sow’s Ear
 Warm woolen, cable and lace capelet of ice blue
20% off, coupon code cijpdx
Rosehip and Geranium Soap - Spa Quality with botanical essences - Vegan Artisan soap from scratch
10% off CIJPDX
Snappy Rockfish Soap
 Fiddlehead Mojito - Spearmint Lime Handmade Vegan Soap
20% off CIJPDX
Sunbreak Soaps
Lemon Scented Soap, Glycerin Soap, Handmade Bath Products
10% off CIJPDX
Tabby Cat Designs
 Hand Stamped Metal Necklace - Fancy Copper Quote
15% off CIJPDX
The Cozy Project
 Flower Cozy with 4 interchangeable flowers by The Cozy Project
20% off CIJPDX
The Epoch Yeti
 Vintage Plastic Colorful Unicorn Stained Glass
15% off CIJPDX
The Masked Zone
 Day of the Dead black and white mask
20% off CIJPDX
Three Birds Unite
Feminine Neck Cowl, Made to Order
10% off, coupon code CIJPDX10
Wild Ginger Creations
 Taupe Leather Belt Pouch with Antique Brass Snap
10% off, coupon code CIJPDX
 Shop away!

Focus… the challenge it can become


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In yoga, Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras (a classic text in which guidance on how to ease our suffering and come to a state of yoga is given in clear and practical ways) says that our suffering comes from our minds.  We are ultimately in control of our own sufferings.  Seems like a massive challenge to take on, right?  What I mean is that if we were so in control wouldn’t we be a society of happy, go-lucky people?  Well it is a little more involved then that.

In order to ease our suffering we need to look at the conditions that make us suffer.  Our minds are complex, layered entities that can spiral out of control.  It takes work to alleviate the constant state of discord.  We do have the capability to focus our minds in a direction of calm and serenity. But this takes work.  It is not always an easy path. But a path full of wonder and splendor.

Why do I write about this on a blog that has to do with my etsy shop?  I have found meditation and yoga to be a source of inspiration and to be the foundation of all that I do.  When I create, it is not to grow rich or to prove something to myself.  It is to open my heart, calm my mind and to pass on a sense of warmth, comfort, and hopefully love to those who buy those items.   What other ways can we all find to achieve this goal?  My hope is unfathomable quantities.



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I am sure I didn’t realize it at the time, but my beginnings of this new adventure started out in Texas; in a small, mysterious but magical room.  This room held such wonders.  It slipped out of my memory until recently.  This room was were it all began…

Sitting next to my grandmother watching her sew, I was in awe and delight. She would make clothing and crafts for my sister and I, our dolls, and soon after her very own crafting store.   She began to teach me how to use her machine and launch my imagination.  Many years down the road, I would sit in front of that very machine and begin a new adventure myself.

To make my parent’s even more nervous about my future, I decided to go to college for Dance Performance.  But there is where my life really began.  I not only learned that it was more important for me to do what I loved then what was safe.  I needed to find my own way in the world.  But it wasn’t all glamorous or easy.  Most days I would spend hour upon hour in the studio training, rehearsing and creating.  But there was more to it.  We were required to learn all aspects of our field.  And so for a year, I spent many afternoons in the costume shop.  I learned techniques that I saw my grandmother using but had no idea what they were for at the time.  I got to create my own designs and try new ideas out.

After college, when I moved to NYC, I was able to take these skills and use them to not only create costumes for my own work but for others as well.  I was able to alter, transform and create.  But it wasn’t until now, many years later, that I could take those skills and begin three birds unite.  So it begins…enjoy