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I am sure I didn’t realize it at the time, but my beginnings of this new adventure started out in Texas; in a small, mysterious but magical room.  This room held such wonders.  It slipped out of my memory until recently.  This room was were it all began…

Sitting next to my grandmother watching her sew, I was in awe and delight. She would make clothing and crafts for my sister and I, our dolls, and soon after her very own crafting store.   She began to teach me how to use her machine and launch my imagination.  Many years down the road, I would sit in front of that very machine and begin a new adventure myself.

To make my parent’s even more nervous about my future, I decided to go to college for Dance Performance.  But there is where my life really began.  I not only learned that it was more important for me to do what I loved then what was safe.  I needed to find my own way in the world.  But it wasn’t all glamorous or easy.  Most days I would spend hour upon hour in the studio training, rehearsing and creating.  But there was more to it.  We were required to learn all aspects of our field.  And so for a year, I spent many afternoons in the costume shop.  I learned techniques that I saw my grandmother using but had no idea what they were for at the time.  I got to create my own designs and try new ideas out.

After college, when I moved to NYC, I was able to take these skills and use them to not only create costumes for my own work but for others as well.  I was able to alter, transform and create.  But it wasn’t until now, many years later, that I could take those skills and begin three birds unite.  So it begins…enjoy