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In yoga, Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras (a classic text in which guidance on how to ease our suffering and come to a state of yoga is given in clear and practical ways) says that our suffering comes from our minds.  We are ultimately in control of our own sufferings.  Seems like a massive challenge to take on, right?  What I mean is that if we were so in control wouldn’t we be a society of happy, go-lucky people?  Well it is a little more involved then that.

In order to ease our suffering we need to look at the conditions that make us suffer.  Our minds are complex, layered entities that can spiral out of control.  It takes work to alleviate the constant state of discord.  We do have the capability to focus our minds in a direction of calm and serenity. But this takes work.  It is not always an easy path. But a path full of wonder and splendor.

Why do I write about this on a blog that has to do with my etsy shop?  I have found meditation and yoga to be a source of inspiration and to be the foundation of all that I do.  When I create, it is not to grow rich or to prove something to myself.  It is to open my heart, calm my mind and to pass on a sense of warmth, comfort, and hopefully love to those who buy those items.   What other ways can we all find to achieve this goal?  My hope is unfathomable quantities.